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This 2020 calendar is an abstract data visualization system documenting 100 years of climate change. I chose the format of a calendar in order to provide a sense of scale. By condensing 100 years into 30 days, it's easier to conceptualize the rate at which we are affecting out planet. Each month documents a different measure of climate change: temperature, sea levels, land use, and CO2 emissions. In addition, each variable is charted in a different way. For January, the color of the date corresponds with the temperature increase (pink is a 40 degree difference, dark blue is a 0 degree difference). The sea levels in August are visualized by the size of each date. September charts land use by visualizing the increasing spread of human industry. Emissions in November are charted on an X/Y axis. The data for these graphics come from national weather histories, NASA, and the Environmental Protection Agency. This is an ongoing project.

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