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I'm a muralist!
& an illustrator!
& a surrealist!
& a woodsman!

I paint under the name Son Visual. You could also call me Maddie. Or Sonny D. Or Big Sam. Or Handsome Nicholas, or Eddie Appleseed, or Jimmy Buffet 2: Electric Boogaloo. I am kind of going through an identity thing right now.

I'm a Michigan-based muralist & community organizer. My murals can be found frequently around Grand Rapids, as well as throughout Michigan, Colorado, and Oklahoma. The most embarrassing thing I ever did was win ArtPrize.


As much as I love public art, it's a highly seasonal job in my home state of Michigan. Once temperatures hit freezing, I focus more intently on personal, smaller-scale paintings and writings that explore the intersection between ecology and philosophy.


I've also organized a series of Art & Activism events like Pleasant Peninsula, an ongoing city-wide environmental festival, and Forest Fires, a multidisciplinary gallery event about trees, grief, conservation, and rebirth. 

In the summers, I'm foraging & hugging trees & shirtless.

In the winters, I'm cruisin' down the Great American Interstate in my darling little van, seeking enlightenment & the sun.

If you wanna work together, or exchange ideas, or hang out, shoot me an email at!

You can check out my resume & CV here!

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