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Bacteriyum is a home-brewed kombucha start-up. Bacteriyum's brewers are native to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where home brewing is becoming ever more popular. Last year marked the first annual Michigan Kombucha Festival, at which tickets sold out and probiotic enthusiasts spilled into the streets. Amidst a dozen or so local breweries, Bacteriyum was badly in need of a distinctive identity.

For this project, we purposefully eschewed current kombucha brand trends: the wavy florals, mystical names, and slightly appropriative Indian influence. Instead, we leaned in to what makes kombucha such a fascinating tradition: the science. Bacteriyum celebrates its microbial business partners by educating consumers on the fermentation process and the benefits of friendly bacteria. Our branding system illustrates this symbiotic relationship by pairing bright color combinations, boisterous typography, and fun little microbes (the stars of the show).

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