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You may be here because you have encountered my lil book, June.


This is a weird way to find a partner & probably a bad idea but I'm a big sloppy romantic so what the hell!

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What's My Deal!

I'm Maddie! I'm nonbinary & use they/thems! I am 27 & an artist & a woodsman from Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

I'm a full time muralist & travel the country between jobs in my darling little van. 

Someday I will travel widely making art with the Love of My Life™!!!

Here's some pics of me & the fun stuff I do & cool places I've been :•)

What's YOUR Deal?

I'm trying to find Big Love & dating apps are so bad. 

Maybe you think so too!

Maybe we'll match up if:

  • You're an artist! 

  • You're queer! 

  • You go to therapy!

  • You're monogamous!

  • You're a man or man-ish (gender is not real but I'm into masc people)!

  • You love the world, the outdoors, the land, the trees!

  • You wanna get married in Vegas in matching cowboy suits!

  • You're a woman or woman-ish (I would still love to hang out though, just don't swing that way romantically!).

  • You think crypto is a good idea :/

  • You're poly. No hate, just not for me!

  • You are a violent criminal!

  • You have ever cheated!

  • You are a criminal cheater!

  • Sorry to bring that shit up but I have got some wicked relationship trauma LOL

We aint for each other if:

So ya got this far.

If you think we might be friends or fall in love... whoa!

Send me a message I guess!

What the hell! 




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