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Hello! Below you will find a selection of my work to be considered for this year's Sudler Prize. Please scroll down to view each set of materials. Thank you for your consideration!


For many of us, Roald Dahl's books still elicit vivid childhood memories. With larger-than-life characters, witty plot twists, and fanciful environments, the Dahl stories are instantly recognizable. For this series of cover redesigns, I wanted to demonstrate each story's cultural iconicism by subtracting all but the most basic imagery of each plot. Even without detail, the illustrations and titles stir up strong memories of these books. This series has been awarded two Addy awards (Gold in Category and Judge's Choice).



This 2020 calendar is an abstract data visualization system documenting 100 years of climate change. I chose the format of a calendar in order to provide a sense of scale. By condensing 100 years into 30 days, it's easier to conceptualize the rate at which we are affecting out planet. Each month documents a different measure of climate change: temperature, sea levels, land use, and CO2 emissions. In addition, each variable is charted in a different way. For January, the color of the date corresponds with the temperature increase (pink is a 40 degree difference, dark blue is a 0 degree difference). The sea levels in August are visualized by the size of each date. September charts land use by visualizing the increasing spread of human industry. Emissions in November are charted on an X/Y axis. The data for these graphics come from national weather histories, NASA, and the Environmental Protection Agency. This is an ongoing project.


This magazine is an exercise in contrasting content and form. With content compiled and written by me, I created a gossip column regarding science, technology, and philosophy. The form of the gossip magazine initially seems to contradict the seriousness of scientific journalism, but the two concepts come together to form a more enjoyable read than either would have provided on their own.


Below is a small selection of my freelance illustration work. Clients include: Dark Horse Comics, Eater Magazine, Vox Media, The School of Visual Arts, and the Outline.

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